​​Wisdom of Light Fine Art

Artist Statement

My artwork is inspired by my spirituality, approaching art in a way that reflects the light from within. Spirit moves me in all its forms; it is the

great love and beauty of spirit (life itself) which provides the inspiration and answers the why of what I do. 

Cheryl Soltis

The medium of paint captures my imagination, dominates my being, delivering me outside of time and space

when I paint. Exploring paint’s application as it transcends brush and canvas to capture and release into the

birth of a new creation. Crisp into fuzzy, unfinished strokes, figures, portraits, atmospheric, narratives and

so paint yields itself to the artist’s will. Layers on layers composing an image, just as the world of matter and

personality layer over one’s soul; non-conventional wiping away, seeing through layers, revealing the depth

of paint and pigment. Likewise, the peeling away in the mind opens us to the growing awareness of our true

nature. Innovatively, the work evolves within the artist's dream with a defusing of image and atmosphere.

Applying medium though tool and technique surrendered to paint and process in an ever-evolving place that

is Surrealistic.

I translate my work as a source of being grateful. Gratitude and thankfulness for life as well as those who have

traveled this world before. People, places, color, patterns, culture, traditions, and faith have all inspired what I

leave behind. The great number of self-depictions, religious themes, colorful textiles, and skeletons, in my

portfolio leave you to ponder what actually warrants the definition of Spirit.

The innumerable pilgrimages I’ve taken on the Toltec (a Mesoamerican culture) path have greatly affected my

life and art. Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead), a theme I translate as a source of being appreciative for life and remembering the light of this world. In my over ten years of travel to the country of Mexico it’s rich history,

civilization, society and practices have all inspired my work, but none more than the pyramids of Teotihuacan,

the presence of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and the beloved artist Freda Kahlo. Hence, the great number of my

paintings, all seen through the eyes of oneness might leave you to ponder what actually justifies a self-

portrait. A bit eclectic, like life itself, my art follows traditional standards then shift and change to reveal

something more in technique, theme, and meaning. If the viewer looks deeply one common thread is always

present –that thread is the love of spirit, the inner beauty and light that shines through everything. Often

the presence of light in my work can create a dream-like quality to the piece. It may show up in the eyes of

the model, the atmospheric condition of the landscape, the symbolism of the still life objects or portrait.

Spirit is always present.